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About BD Capital

BD Capital is a hard money lender specializing in fast and creative solutions for immediate financing needs.

We provide real estate investment loans secured by a first mortgage. We provide investment property lending to various property types with a primary focus on the following asset types: single family fix and flip loans, multi family, industrial, retail and office loans as well as loans for urban land and commercial real estate occupied by your business.

Our goal is to bring to the marketplace short-term financing for situations that need immediate funding. Typically, these scenarios are either problem solving or opportunity facilitating in nature. By bypassing all possible impediments, we are able to deliver a faster closing. Our reputation has been built on the ability to close difficult transactions in a fast and effective manner.

If you would like to learn more about our management team, feel free to visit the biographical links below.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not lend on residential properties currently occupied, or to be occupied by owners.

The Team

Barry Segal


Martin Segal


Dolly Segal


Danny Harrison

Vice President of Real Estate

Michael Schoenfeld

Senior Lending Officer

Erik Startzel

Senior Lending Officer

Tate Triano

Senior Associate & Lead Underwriter

Justin Lucas

Director of Construction and Development

Wyatt Lucas


Qiana Rouse

Property Accountant

Rebecca Weinerman

Financial Analyst

Igor Karbinovskiy


Beata Pudelko

Business Management Administrator

Amy Repole

Executive Assistant

Stephanie Sese

Administrative/Research Assistant

Stacey Glickstein

Property Accountant

Deborah Feltingoff

Investment Analyst

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